Leo Zodiac Sign

July 23 – August 22

Leo s are not shy, and take pride in showing off their own style as well as a partner who is equally as good at attracting admiring glances from passers-by.

You have a charisma which draws people in, especially if you are giving one on one time to them.

If your partner is a Leo, then anything which complements their need for style, fashion and self-indulgence will please such as a relaxing day spa or a night out on the town to a show and romantic dinner.

Because of leap years, time zone differences and other factors, the exact day and time when the Sun changes signs varies from year to year. If you are born close to the changeover dates (close to the cusp) of the signs, you need to have your own personal horoscope drawn up in order to know exactly which sign you were born under.

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