Taurus Zodiac Sign

April 20 – May 20

Taureans are loyal, and as such expect the same in return for your partner. A cautious dater, you take a while before committing to relationships, but as a true romantic, once the relationship is formed you give unconditional love and spoil your partner with your attention.

You are a sensual person, often speaking in a flirty tone and you re not shy to make eye contact to show your interest.

If your partner is Taurus, consider purchasing something indulgent such as an expensive bottle of champagne, or their favourite perfume or cologne. Remember, quality not quantity matters.


Because of leap years, time zone differences and other factors, the exact day and time when the Sun changes signs varies from year to year. If you are born close to the changeover dates (close to the cusp) of the signs, you need to have your own personal horoscope drawn up in order to know exactly which sign you were born under.

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